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Before I say anything, I'm going to give you a bit of advice. Change to Marksmanship. You'll do 200 more DPS easily. Pets just can't do the damage you're capable of, all they're really good for is a distraction. Plus, it just makes you look like a Huntard with all sta Random Dungeon finder, low level, XP Cap? — Elder Scrolls Online Lol, if you can take an L3 into a CP160 scaled dungeon and accomplish anything, you deserve some exp gains. It would be kind of dumb if they do give out the full exp for low level character because all it would take is 23 Random Dungeons to reach L50 on a character. FFXIV New Level 50 Player's Progression Guide | GuideScroll

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The Spire is a multiplayer survival dungeon which consists of 24 levels. Access to and creation of the dungeon is done through Dinah in Cloud City. Level Requirements: Level 46 and above Ffxiv main quest roulette : Turning stone casino concert events

Quina LV5 Death has been replaced by LV5 Flare : inflict non-elemental damage to enemies with lvl multiple of 5 LV4 Holy has been replaced by LV4 Def-less : randomly decrease defence of enemies with lvl multiple of 4 LV3 Def-less has been …

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You can obtain special equipment from the monsters inside this dungeon.

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