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Pinewood derby car axle hole drilling jig. Axles can be installed in slots or holes. Unless installation in the original slot is required, a drilled axle hole will make wheel and axle alignment easier.

The Official BSA Pinewood Derby Rules for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby are the rules that are in the box of the Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kits handed out by the scout leader. It is important to understand that Cub Scout packs are not required to follow the exact Pine Wood Derby rules established by the BSA. Cut new axle slots in your pinewood derby car block. the Body Slotter tool to cut perfect axle slots. Pinewood Derby Car Slotter Tool Transcript. Introducing the Derby Works new Pro Body Slotter. After many seasons and lots of email about how do I create a correct and accurate slot in a Pinewood Derby body, Derby Works has developed this special tool. Pinewood Derby Official Rules - MeritBadgeDotOrg The car shall not ride on springs. Only official Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby wheels and axles are permitted. Only dry lubricant is permitted. Details, such as steering wheel and driver are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications. Pinewood Derby Car Kit - 5 Slot Wedge Tungsten or Lead ...

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Every organization that sponsors a pinewood derby race requires car builders to use a specific kit. Each kit requires slightly different preparation techniques. ... Use the Pro-Body Tool to pilot drill the axle slots (or if allowed by the local rules, use the Pro-Body Tool to drill axle holes on the opposite side of the block). pinewood derby Speed tips, Pinewood derby tips, pinewood ... One last note, you will find many pinewood derby blocks have crooked axle slots when purchased. The Derby Gurus know this and fix it. Take a square with you when ready to purchase to check the slots or fix them yourself if you have the skills. Better still, just buy one of our kits. We pride ourselves on cutting the axle slots correctly every time. Pro Body Slotter for Pinewood Derby Cars

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The one-piece PRO Axle Inserter Guide fits in the axle slot to guide your axle in so it is straight. This tool improves the speed of your pinewood derby car by ensuring accurate mounting of axles in t...

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Always keep in mind, the Northern Star Council's derby rules will be the ones that you need to follow. Here are a few tips that will help: Maximize your allowable weight; Weight should be in the rear of car in front of rear axle with the balance point 1-1.25 inches in front of rear axle. Use the slot closest to the end of block for rear axle. Low profile, smaller surface in front and larger in back. 2018 Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Rules – Boys' Life magazine There are no national Pinewood Derby rules, so packs are free to set their own. However, if your local council hosts a derby and you want to send your pack’s winners, you’ll need to follow their official rules on car length, width, weight and wheel construction.